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Eliminating Odours One Molecule at a Time

• Neutralizes Odours

• Mould, Mildew, Bacteria Remediation

• Safe on most Fabrics

• Completely Non-Toxic

Living Spaces

Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) is the active ingredient in Fresh Start Odour Treatment's line of products. It has been used for decades to ensure quality drinking water and is completely safe for use in home. Read More»

Mobile Spaces

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is a must for used cars, lease returns, musty cabins, smokey RV’s. Every pre-owned vehicle has a smell. Some are more offensive than others but why take a chance of losing a sale because of smell? Read More»

Commercial Spaces

Fresh Start Odour Treatment's Chlorine Dioxide delivery systems can improve the airquality and cleanliness of any space Read More»

Other Spaces

Some Ideas From Our Customers

From time-to-time our customers contact us to tell us a use for our products that we had not thought of, so here is a list of some innovative ideas: Read More»