Carpets Don’t Have to Reek! 5 Ways to make it Smell Better

Fresh Start Odour Treatment made from stabilized chlorine dioxide is an effective tool for odour removal and can also be used as a carpet deodorizer.

Carpets can make your home feel comfortable and cozy but they are notorious for holding on to odours. The fact is that a lot of carpets stink and as a result many people have decided to rip them out and go with other flooring options. When your carpet smells bad, your house never feels clean. If you have company over, it’s embarrassing. Here are some tips that will help you get rid of that unpleasant carpet smell:

Vacuum frequently. Odour can come from hair or anything else that is stuck to your carpet. When you vacuum often, you don’t give the odour an opportunity to grow.

Address spills immediately. Carpet spills can significantly add to that bad carpet smell. However, if you clean up spills right away you prevent it from being absorbed into the fibres of your carpet. Pay special attention to pet accidents as those odours can be extremely difficult to remove.

Try an odour treatment. An odour treatment such as Fresh Start Odour Treatment can effectively remove pet odour from carpets by neutralizing the odours and leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

Steam clean your carpet. Try to steam clean your carpets at least once a month. Steam cleaning gives your carpet a much deeper clean than surfacing cleaning and it is more effective at getting rid of odours. Steam cleaners can be rented from most grocery stores and are fairly simple to operate.

Air it out. Fresh air is the best remedy for any bad smell. When you open the windows, turn on the fans and allow the air to circulate, odours are released and can escape from your living space leaving your home smelling fresh.

The smell of your carpet might be one of the most frustrating things about your home. You work hard at it, but it stillsmells bad. Don’t give up on it! A carpet that is properly cared for can make your home warm and inviting. Sometimes you just have to experiment to find what works for your carpet. If you still aren’t having any luck in getting your carpet to smell nice, call us we can help!

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