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Eliminating Odours One Molecule at a Time

• Neutralizes Odours

• Mould, Mildew, Bacteria Remediation

• Safe on most Fabrics

• Completely Non-Toxic

Commercial Spaces

Fresh Start Odour Treatment's Chlorine Dioxide delivery systems can improve the
airquality and cleanliness of any space

  • Hydroponics operations
    • Removes odours and mould, cleans water lines
  • Sporting facilities
    • Eliminate sweat smell from rooms and equipment
    • Stop cross-contamination
  • Hotels/Motels
    • Smoke smell rooms
    • Urine/vomit stains
  • Building Garbage rooms
    • Eliminates the worst garbage odours from large or small spaces
  • Kitchens
    • Food odours
  • Buses
    • Body odour, sweat smell, etc.
  • Rental apartments
    • Pet/urine smell, mouldy/musty basements, cooking odours
  • Funeral homes
    • Need we say more
  • Nursing homes
    • Incontinence and cross contamination
  • Doctor’s offices
    • Waiting room cross contamination
    • De-odourizing storage cabinets and equipment

It has been successfully used post-disaster to sterilize spaces, where flooding has left mould behind. Real Estate Agents have successfully used Fresh Start Odour Treatment to help them sell their homes faster and for more money.

Clean Commercial Spaces

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