Eliminate Odours And Make That Sale!

First impressions are the most important, especially when you are in the customer service industry. What happens when a potential customer wants to test-drive a car at your dealership? Or view one of the yachts for sale at the club? Imagine that you open the door, and the odour of stale smoke hits them full in the face. You may have lost a potential customer and possibly future business.

Fresh Start Odour Treatment can help odour rescue any of these situations. Our products and services were made with small businesses in mind, because let’s be honest, sometimes everyone needs a product they can trust and that works to take care of an odour issue.

“I used Fresh Start Odour Treatment on all my vehicles. I am a car detailer and must say Fresh Start Odour Treatment is an amazing product. Afterwards the vehicle was odour neutral, just a clean smell left behind. Thanks for making my job quicker and easier”. - Luch

Our unique product eliminates odours one molecule at a time, is safe on most fabrics and non-toxic. Using Fresh Start Odour Treatment will help ensure your first impression is the best impression.

How do we do it?

Odour elimination for cars, especially smoke odour elimination can seem like an impossible task for dealerships or detailers. Sometimes it seems like that unpleasant odour will never leave the interior of a car. Fresh Start Odour Treatment can odour rescue even the most difficult and unpleasant odours in your interior spaces like cars, boats and office spaces.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) kills microorganisms by disrupting the flow of nutrients across the cell membrane, not by disturbing the metabolic process. What does this mean? Odour causing bacteria cannot develop a resistance to chlorine dioxide and this will help eliminate odours in cars, on boats, offices and even in your own home. Chlorine Dioxide disinfects, sterilizes and eliminates odour from the air, fabrics and most hard surfaces. Fresh Start Odour Treatment’s specialized products are safe around pets and children making this an ideal cleaning system for your business or home.

Why take any chances when you are selling cars, dealing with lease returns, musty cabins or smoky RV’s and lose a possible sale? Fresh Start Odour Treatment offers choices to help you make that sale and ensure your mobile interiors are odour neutral.

Contact us today and breathe easier, in your own vehicle, in your mobile vehicles and even in your own home.

Eliminate Odours And Make That Sale!

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