Eliminating Odour Issues at Work, Home and Vehicles

You walk into your clinic and notice an unpleasant odour in one of your exam rooms. All your attempts to find out the source have been unsuccessful, what do you do?

You want to freshen up your home and need to eliminate cat or smoke odoursfrom certain rooms, whom do you contact?

You just purchased an RV, a boat or used car, but something just doesn’t smell right, what kind of product will neutralize odour inthat space?

Let’s face it life is sometimes smelly.It may be part of running certain businesses like vet clinics, funeral homes, a fitness center and even dental clinics. You may be a car detailer and your customers expect a clean-smelling, odour neutralizer for their vehicles. Or you just may be spring cleaning and noticed something just doesn’t hold up to the smell test.

Fresh Start Odour Treatments is the solution that you need. Our eco-friendly, safe and chemical free products will disinfect and eliminate any odour issues you are dealing with.

“I recently had the opportunity to try Fresh Start products in my office. We had noticed an odour in one of the exam rooms but were unsuccessful in treating it, or even finding the source.”

“One of the owners of Fresh Start, Lianne, happened to be in the office and noticed the odour. With complete discretion, she offered assistance. Within 10 minutes, Lianne located the source of the odor and treated it with Aquesan products. The reduction in odour was immediately noticeable. We treated the room with an odour absorbing sponge soaked in Aquesan and by the following morning the smell was barely perceptible. Ultimately once we identified the source of the odor we replaced the affected equipment. The problem has been resolved definitively”

“I am thoroughly grateful to Lianne and Fresh Start for helping us resolve the problem so effectively and would highly recommend adding this product to your cleaning armamentarium both commercially and residentially.”

 Customers love the Fresh Start Odour Treatment products we offer and know, are getting a quality product that works.

Using chlorine dioxide, our products kill odour-causing bacteria. Fresh Start products, disinfect, sterilize and eliminate odours from the air, fabrics and most hard surfaces. Fresh Start Odour Treatment specialized products are safe around pets and children making this an ideal cleaning system for your business, vehicles or home.

I highly recommend Fresh Start to anyone who is looking to eliminate rather than mask any odour as it continues to work long after the application has taken place.” - Rebecca H.

 “Our staff with just basic training on product application, have easily been able to implement the use of Aquesan into their daily routine of cleaning.” - Tim Hortons

“Aquesan removed the skunk smell when my van was sprayed. It removed the smell and left behind a clean fresh smell. Better than new!” - Lori

Whatever your odour elimination needs, Fresh Start Odour Treatment products can help. Contact us today and let us help give your office, home or vehicle that fresh start it needs.

How Odour Impacts Your Daily Life

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