The Fearsome Four of Carpet Odour

They are always waiting for you. They watch as you carefully select the colour of the new carpet for your house. Patiently, they bide their time while you have your new carpet installed all through out the house. Unaware of their presence, you proudly show your new purchase to your family and friends. When you least expect it, they pounce! What are they? They are the houseguests you never want and refuse to leave: the four agents of carpet odour. Few things can be more frustrating than a stinky carpet. You feel ashamed to invite people over; when friends ARE over, you are constantly worried that they can smell the carpet; it can even bring down the value of your house. But, the worst part is that you cannot escape. It has rooted itself where you live like an invader. Some people give up, rip up all the carpeting, and install flooring. Not everyone has that option and not everyone wants it. Carpeting in a house can add warmth and coziness. Even still, these invaders must be dealt with in quick fashion. So, who are the four worst offenders when it comes to carpet odours? You already know them all:

  • Mildew- You know this smell. It is that musty smell that you encounter when entering rooms that have not been cleaned in a long time. The best way to describe a musty smell is ‘old’. Mildew is caused by moisture in your carpet.
  • Pets- We love them, but our carpets don’t. Dogs, cats, rabbits and any other furry friends will permanently leave a presence in the house. They will leave dander and bring in dirt from the outside. A bigger problem is pet urine which can be a serious and persistent problem with carpets.The smell just won’t go away.
  • Food & Alcohol Spills- If you can get to them right away, a food spill is not going to necessary going to leave a smell behind. The problem is when we DON’T reach them before it soaks into the carpet. Sometimes, we do not even know it has happened. One spill is not a problem; it is multiple spills over the years that have added up to leave a stink. In particular, beer will leave a very distinct odour if not taken care of immediately.
  • Cigarette Smoke- Smoking has tapered off in our society in the last few decades; fewer people indulge in the habit. But all it takes is one family member or frequent house guest who smokes to allow the smell of tobacco to permeate into your carpet.

How to combat these fearsome foes? Fresh Start Odour Treatment has the solution. Fresh StartOdour treatment uses Chlorine Dioxide to pull the ions out of odour-causing molecules, which effectively kills the odour. In most cases you saturate the issue and leave to completely dry, then simply vacuum. It works with all of these smells and more. Even better, it will prevent the growth of mildew and kills mould. Find out how Fresh Start Odour Treatment can make you excited to have carpet again!

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