Getting The Stink Out Of Car Sales!

There is a classic Seinfeld episode that revolves around a bad odour that has attached itself to Jerry’s car. Specialists, shampoos, deep cleaning, but try as he might, Jerry simply cannot get rid of the smell that has attached itself to his interior. He has taken to calling it an ‘entity’. He can't even sell it, the smell is so bad. In this case, the odour in the car has obviously been exaggerated for comedic effect; most car odours will not send people screaming in the opposite direction. But don't lull yourself into believing that a strong car odour won’t turn people off. It should matter to you; especially if you sell cars.

Let’s face it: all cars are going to have some kind of smell. Cigarette smoke, food, pets, perfume, coffee, air fresheners and chemical cleaners can all find a way to be a permanent guest in your car. Not all odours are going to be noticeable or offensive to you. But some will definitely scare off potential buyers. Even a smell that you feel is pleasant such as air fresheners may bother those with chemical sensitivities. Another thing to consider is that you may not even notice that the car has an odour. If it is your car and you are in it every day, you may have grown used to the smell.

Imagine you are on the verge of making a sale on a fantastic car. The potential buyer gets in to test drive the vehicle and immediately catches the faint but persistent ghost scent of old cigars. At best, the buyer may insist on a discount; at worse, you have lost a sale and maybe even a customer.

Persistent car odours can be stopped. Some specialists will do it for you, but it won’t be cheap. Home-based, do-it-yourself methods can be inconsistent at best and usually, just mask the odour rather than eliminating it completely. Luckily, Fresh Start Odour Treatment is here to make your life easier. Using an original two-part approach, Fresh Start will actually eliminate the odour from the root of the problem. It attacks odour-causing bacteria to ensure that the smell will not come back after a few days. The Fresh Start formula does not mask or absorb but breaks the bonds of the odour. It will also neutralize chemical odours and only leave behind a faint disinfectant smell that will soon dissipate.  Another bonus: Fresh Start uses less water which means shorter drying periods. Fresh Start is safe to use for customers and staff. Do you sell boats? RVs? Fresh Start will work on these spaces as well.

A bad car odour can cost you thousands of dollars. Take care of it with Fresh Start before it does.

Getting The Stink Out Of Car Sales!

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