Common Scents - How Odour Impacts Your Daily Life

We use it everyday. But, despite being a valuable tool, we take it completely for granted. We barely think about it until we lose it and then we become desperate to get it back. We use it to make an assessment of character, determine the safety of food, and even as a warning system for danger. The tool is our sense of smell. Hardwired into our bodies since time immemorial, our sense of smell was vital during our hunting and gathering days. It acted as odour rescue when we needed to determine poisonous food or forest fires. An evolving intellect and modern technology make our olfactory system less essential than it once was, but it still plays a key role in our everyday lives. Though it remains in the background, our sense of smell has an influence on what we do, how we feel, and how we act.

Odour & Memory- Ever catch a scent of coffee or a cigar and you are suddenly flooded with old memories of a person that you haven’t thought of for years? Legions of studies have demonstrated that our sense of smell is more closely linked to our memories than any other of our senses. Where we might struggle to remember a person by sight, a scent can be more effective in accessing our internal RAM.

Odour & Mood- Like memory, many researchers have demonstrated that we associate odour with mood. The entire aromatherapy industry is based on the belief that odour neutralizers can calm the emotions and aid against anxiety, depression, and migraines.

Odour & First Impressions- First impressions are essential. A job interview; a first date; an important meeting. We spend scads of time preparing ourselves for these big events and all the effort can be rendered in vain if we carry the smell of cigarettes with us. People will form an impression on you based on smell, even if they don’t realize it. Wearing perfume or cologne as odour rescue to counter this can have an opposite effect as some people will be turned off by those scents. Once that first impression has taken root, it can be very difficult to upend. This can extend to your home as well. Imagine preparing your house for a big party. You spend hours cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, and sanitizing. You buy flowers, spray potpourri, burn scented candles to spruce up the scent. The moment of truth arrives and your guests file into your home. What do they smell? Not the flowers or the potpourri or even the scented candles. What they smell is your musty carpet that hasn’t been cleaned for 10 years. No matter how well-scrubbed your home, people will remember a bad smell and they will carry that with them. The best way to get at that odour? Try Fresh Start Odour Treatment for your carpet. Fresh Start acts as an odour neutralizer and will attack molecules rendering them inert and leaving behind a nice, fresh smell. Look more into Fresh Start Odour Treatment so you can leave a great impression of your home.

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is a safe, effective and powerful way to eliminate offensive odours in any interior. Using an eco-friendly and chemical-free formula, Fresh Start products will immediately start to attack odour-causing chemicals and work until it is gone. You will notice the difference right after using our product. Fresh Start Odour Treatment has been successful where professional cleaners have failed. It will work in any interior including homes, offices, commercial spaces, gyms, yachts, RVs, and cars. Fresh Start will not mask odour, but completely eliminate the source. Bad odours can cost you a good first impression. Try Fresh Start and breathe easy!

How Odour Impacts Your Daily Life

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