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Eliminating Odours One Molecule at a Time

• Neutralizes Odours

• Mould, Mildew, Bacteria Remediation

• Safe on most Fabrics

• Completely Non-Toxic

Living Spaces

Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) is the active ingredient in Fresh Start Odour Treatment's line of products. It has been used for decades to ensure quality drinking water and is completely safe for use in home.

We safely eliminate:

  • Urine – skunk -strong cooking smells - pet odours – vomit - organic matter - smoke and more. Contact us for a dealer near you.

Fresh Start Odour Treatment:

  • pulls the ions out of odour causing molecules, rendering them inert
  • safe for most carpet & upholstery fabrics
  • disinfects kitchen & bathroom surfaces
  • safe to use around food products
  • removes pet odours from air and fabrics
  • eliminates tobacco smoke smells
  • cleans air of strong cooking smells
  • prevents mould & mildew from growing

Watch this video to see how CLO2 was used after Hurricane Katrina

Clean Living Spaces

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