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Eliminating Odours One Molecule at a Time

• Neutralizes Odours

• Mould, Mildew, Bacteria Remediation

• Safe on most Fabrics

• Completely Non-Toxic

Mobile Spaces

Want more money from the sale of your used car, boat or RV?

Odour free vehicles and boats sell faster and provide greater return on investment

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is a must for used cars, lease returns, musty cabins, smokey RV’s. Every pre-owned vehicle has a smell. Some are more offensive than others but why take a chance of losing a sale because of smell?

Make all your mobile spaces odour neutral with our unique two-part approach.

Aquesan™ is a spray on cleaner that decontaminates surfaces and eliminates odours in you’re A/C vents while cleaning the dirt and grime from  upholsteryand other surfaces.

Odor Rescue™ is a controlled vapour release system that “fogs” the interior overnight, is EPA approved and is the second component needed to remove stronger odours.

Aquesan™   &   Odor Rescue™ act together like “primer and paint”, to make even the worstinteriors completely odour free and are the perfect combination for use in any commercial vehicle detailing establishment that really cares about their customer satisfaction.

  • It eliminates odours at the source
  • Controls the growth of mould and mildew
  • Kills odour causing bacteria
  • Neutralizes chemical odours and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in any confined space
  • Uses less water - for faster dry times
  • Safe to use for staff and customers

Fresh Start Odour Treatment does not use masking agents or odour absorbing compounds. The CLO2 vapour actually breaks the bonds of the odour causing compounds and eradicates the microorganisms emitting them. This leaves behind a faint "disinfectant" smell that dissipates quickly and leaves the vehicle smelling fresh and clean.

Clean Mobile Spaces

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