Spend Less Time Cleaning And Find More Time To Do What You Love

Life is busy and finding time to get that deep clean in your home can be challenging and time consuming. Of course you care about your home and your family’s health so week after week you spend inordinate amounts of time ensuring that you disinfect surfaces properly and killing mould before it appears. Before you know it, a whole morning is gone, and you can’t help but feel a little resentful that yet another Saturday was spent cleaning your home taking precious time away from your family.

What if you could spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love? Like spending time with your family or getting outside and being active? What if there was a product that did not compromise cleanliness but disinfected, eliminated odours and was safe to use in your home all while saving you time?

If you are looking for a complete, effective and efficient cleaning system that can help you clean your home, Fresh Start Pro products can help. Aquesan, a safe, non-toxic delivery system for Chlorine Dioxide, is used to disinfect surfaces, kills mould and is quick and easy to use. Chlorine Dioxide (CO2) works in such a way that bacteria will not develop a resistance to it. A non-toxic product, meaning it is safe to use around pets and children, Aquesan kills bacteria like Salmonella and is a perfect disinfectant when cleaning kitchens. Aquesan is not food grade so rinsing is a must for food touching surfaces.

It is not unusual for people to spend up to nine hours a week cleaning their homes, but with Fresh Start Pro products, you can not only reduce the hours per week that you spend disinfecting most of your hard surfaces, but can be confident that you are using a quality product that works.

Imagine if you spent twenty minutes each day disinfecting all your hard surfaces, killing mould and attacking any lingering odours in your home with Fresh Start Chlorine Dioxide Odour Elimination products. What else are you able to do with that found time? A regular cleaning schedule that uses quality products that work will save you time each week. Don’t spend hours cleaning each week. Find the time to do what you love.

Contact Fresh Start Pro today to discuss how our products can help save you time to disinfect surfaces and we will show you how Aquesan kills household surface bacteria one molecule at a time. By using our products you will save time cleaning without compromising cleanliness.

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