Shaking Off that Winter Dust - Spring Cleaning and Your Carpet

Have you noticed the days getting a little longer? How about the sun shining a little brighter and warmer? Maybe you’ve noticed that you are reaching for that thick winter jacket less and grabbing the thin winter jacket more. You know what this means! Spring will be upon us in mere weeks! With it, comesflowers, green grass, warm weather and the yearly tradition of spring cleaning. Around this time every year, people gear up to take care of all the dirt and dust that has been building up all winter long.  There will be much mopping, cleaning, scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and throwing away. But, despite this flurry of cleanliness, we often forget to clean something that is literally right under our nose: the carpet! Here are a few reasons to make sure your carpet is included in your annual Spring Cleaning agenda:

  • Your carpet is used and abused as much as everything else in your house; sometimes even more. Spring cleaning is a good time to start in your care of the carpet.
  • Winter can be hard on your carpet, especially if you live in a colder area that gets a lot of snow. Think of the snow, sleet, and ice that have been tracked across your floor for the last 5 months. The salt that is used to melt ice on the roads will also make its way into your carpet. Now that the snow is gone, time to make the winter mess go too.
  • All of your spring cleaning in the rest of the house is going to kick up a lot of dirt and filth. All of the dust doesn’t just magically fly out the window; it settles into your carpet. If you neglect your carpets, all of your cleaning will actually make your house dirtier in some places.
  • Your carpet covers most, if not all, of your house. It doesn’t matter how well you clean up everything else; if the carpet smells, your house smells. What is the point of doing all that cleaning if your house is still going to smell like an old antique shop? Get to the root of the smell in the carpet.

This does not mean you need to bring in an expensive professional every year. Far from it. You can take care of the problem yourself with a few simple steps. First,a good vacuum through the entire house to pull up all that dirt and dust. Then, it is time to take care of the smell or stains. The more ‘organic’ the smelly stain is the better Chlorine Dioxide, our active ingredient, loves it. Simply spray on our Fresh Start Odour Treatment’s Aquesan will do the rest of the work for you. Attacking the very molecules causing the odours and permanently removing the odour. Aquesan will make your carpet as fresh as the new season! Even better, Aquesan can also be used on your upholstery allowing for a whole new dimension of clean. Don’t forget to give your car the spring cleaning treatment as Aquesan also works on mobile spaces. Find out more today how you can start the spring right with Fresh Start Odour Treatment.

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