The Universal Truth About Household Odour

There are a few universal truths in life that are constant: we get older; taxes must be paid; and there will be unpleasant odours in our house. Unfortunately, the first two are inescapable but, the last one? Well, we may have some control over it. The first thing we must do is accept the fact that there will be some odour in the house. To be completely free of any and all odour would require a sterilized environment that is simply not possible in a living area. Once we let go of that fantasy, we can shift our focus to what we can control: the quantity and quality of household odours. There are legions of places in your house where odour can fester and emanate from, but let’s focus on the major offenders:

Cooking Smells- Do you like fish? How about onions? Curry? Maybe you like the taste of strong foods, but your guests won’t like smelling the ghosts of meals past when they visit. Even with good air circulation and open windows, strong food odours will stick to your furniture and curtains. Opening the windows and closing the doors to rooms is a good start. Leaving a bowl of vinegar out in the kitchen overnight will also help to cleanse cooking odours.

Appliance Odours- Surprisingly, some of your appliances may be the cause of the unpleasant odours in your house. Not so surprising are the appliances at fault. Anything that handles food or water is at risk of odour. Be diligent about cleaning your freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher to get in front of the problem. Like vinegar, baking soda and even coffee have been proven to be effective as good odour absorbers. Cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract are another recommendation.

Clothes and Shoes- Clean clothing can develop an odour; even if you haven’t worn it for months. You know the smell. It is that musty smell that you encounter when pulling clothes from out of storage. This may sound odd, but if you seal those musty clothes in a plastic bag with some cat litter for a week, the smell will dissipate.

Garbage Cans- Cat litter also works with stinky garbage cans. Line the bottom of your garbage can with the cat litter to absorb the smell.

Of course, you can take preventative steps to avoid bad household odours. Keeping things clean and not letting dirt and dust build up always helps. But, using a product like Fresh Start Odour Treatment in your house on a regular basis will help keep your living place smelling fresh and clean. It works as a pet odour eliminator and will remove cigarette smells.  Whatever the household odour may be, Fresh Star Odour Treatment will take care of it by attacking the odour agents at the molecular level.

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is a safe, effective and powerful way to eliminate offensive odours in any interior. Using an eco-friendly and chemical-free formula, Fresh Start products will immediately start to attack odour-causing chemicals and work until they are gone. You will notice the difference right after using our product. Fresh Start Odour Treatment has been successful where professional cleaners have failed. It will work in any interior including homes, offices, commercial spaces, gyms, yachts, RVs, and cars. Fresh Start will not mask odour, but completely eliminate the source. Bad odours can cost you a good first impression. Try Fresh Start and breathe easy!

The Universal Truth About Household Odour

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