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Where You Can Use Chlorine Dioxide:

• Kill Mould

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• Disinfect Surfaces

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• Deodorize Air

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Where to Use Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a very safe and effective disinfectant and deodorizer that can be used in a large variety of environments for countless applications. It is equally suited for household use around children and pets, commercial use for disinfecting contaminated areas and disaster zone clean-up where effective biohazard remediation is a necessity.

In your Home

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is an effective delivery system for Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) - in its liquid form, Aquesan ®, can be used to disinfect and deodorize most hard surfaces, including glass. Additionally it works on most fabrics, carpets and upholsteries (a small area should be tested for silks satins and fine linens before using) deodorizing and disinfecting these areas, leaving behind just that "smell of clean."

Fresh and clean smelling home

Real Estate:When selling a home, real estate agents can use the Interior Vapour Kits to eliminate all odours in the home overnight before hosting an open house in the morning. Interior Vapour Kits can also be used in musty basements to bring them back to smelling fresh. Fresh Start is truly what the name implies - a fresh start.

Commercial Uses

Hotels use Aquesan ® for daily cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing surfaces in hotel rooms. Occasionally hotel rooms require more than a surface cleaning, when they begin to smell musty or if a guest has left behind a particularly pungent odour, be it chemical or biological, Interior Vapour Kits are the perfect solution, completely eliminating the odour in hours. If the smells emanate from a specific source, like a spill, the addition of Aquesan®  directly to the source may be necessary.

Commercial Kitchens in hotels or restaurants, where food is being prepared, is the perfect environment for moulds and bacteria to form. Aquesan ® disinfects work surfaces, killing bacteria like salmonella, and ensuring safe food-prep areas.

sanitized food preperation area

Apartment Buildings, high-density living spaces, often have undesirable smells, from garbage rooms, outdoor dirt ground into hallway carpets, strong cooking odours, and poorly maintained domiciles. These odours can be eliminated using the Interior Vapour Kits and if necessary, Aquesan ®, in combination.

Agriculture & Animals

Hydroponic recycled nutrient solutions are a source of pathogens that may affect the plants. Chlorine Dioxide has been shown to effectively remove pathogens that filtration alone cannot deal with. Chlorine dioxide does not form hazardous disinfection by-products in water and is functional at pH levels of 4 through 10, and is affective against chlorine-resistant pathogens. Aquesan ® is used to sterilize the areas around growing beds without harming the plants.

Barns can be a source of disease for animals kept in close quarters. Aquesan ® has been shown to reduce bacteria and other pathogens in stalls and common areas of barns, giving livestock a healthier living environment.

Veterinary and Kennels Aquesan ® is used to disinfect exam rooms between pet visits in Veterinary hospitals. Cages and common areas for longer term stays require sterilization between clients, in clinics and kennels. Interior Vapour Kits can be used in vacant clinics or kennels to eliminate any lingering odours or moulds from hard to reach places.

Chlorine Dioxide sanitizes stalls in barns


Recreational Vehicles & Camping Equipment is often stored away for the winter and long periods of time pass between uses. Many campers spray and clean their vehicles with Aquesan ® before the first trip of the year. If desired, an Interior Vapour Kit can be used to fog the interior before going out on the road. Many canvas products develop musty odours while in storage, the Fresh Start Odour Treatment line of products will take care of that before heading into the woods for some relaxation.

Boats & Cottages that are closed up in the fall and left closed for the winter require a good cleaning in the spring before the family starts their summer vacation. Aquesan ® or Interior Vapour Kits can be affective against these smells and eliminate pathogens, fungi or moulds that develop over the long winter months.

Sports Equipment & Locker Rooms because of sweat, humidity and dirt develop odours quickly, often overnight. Aquesan ® is a great product to spray into hockey bags and gym bags. It can also be used to sterilize surfaces in change rooms at sports facilities and gyms.

Clean Rv's and boats

Medical & Geriatric Facilities

Medical and Geriatric facilities are particularly susceptible to the spread of pathogens and the clientele are often in a vulnerable state with low resistance to disease. It is for these reasons that hyper-vigilance to cleanliness is necessary in these spaces. The Fresh Start Odour Treatment line offers the perfect solution for these facilities through its unique delivery of Chlorine dioxide. The Aquesan ® liquid solution can be used directly on surfaces, both hard and fabric, to sterilize and clean. The Interior Vapour Kits can be used to fog equipment to sterilize interior conduits that are difficult to get at. Overnight deployment of Interior Vapour Kits can have staff coming back to a clean, fresh-smelling workspace in the morning, regardless of what happened the day before. Because Chlorine dioxide quickly dissipates and ultimately leaves no odour behind, it is the perfect solution for a busy medical office or elder-care facility.

clean hospital waiting room

The Cl02 Systems Inc. line of products truly eliminates odours at their source, improving both aesthetics and hygiene. The versatility of this delivery system makes it an easy-to-use and safe product to stop pathogens, and eliminate odours.

Fresh Start Odour Treatment is the exclusive Canadian distributor of CLO2 Systems Inc. line of products and equipment.
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